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3 WAYS TO GROW THE BUSINESS with an improved Health and Safety Culture.

by | 05 April 2019

We all know that a good Health and Safety Policy is crucial to running your business, but here's a couple of ways you can use a good Health and Safety culture to make you more money.

By implementing a good Health and Safety System it demonstrates that the business is socially responsible and it enhances and protects the brand value and its image. If you choose to navigate through the complex array of Health and Safety requirements and legislation to ensure your own compliance and to minimize your risk of civil claims and criminal charges for negligence. This is especially for you.

1. Having a good Health and Safety Policy is important. The development of a good Health & Safety Policy (HSP) should be done by a qualified Health and Safety Policy Developer. This person must have a clear understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the company's standard operating procedures as well as the company's obligation with regards to legal liability. By having a HSP it will optimize your ability to quote and serve well established and even multi-national companies. Many of our clients were unable to provide work for the likes of Coca-Cola and De Beers Marine before having their premises, vehicles, and staff compliant. Fortunately, now they can, and you can too!

2. Implementation, enforcement, and penalties. More important than having a HSP is the actual implementation of it. From the workforce level to the higher tiers of management. Managers and supervisors need to "practice what they preach" and lead by example when conducting themselves. Whether they are at the workplace, on the road or on site. You need all employees to appreciate the importance of the HSP and the severity of the consequence should the plan not be honored; fines, injury or even death.

3. Review, amend and retrain. Initially, the HSP will be written prior to being physically tested. After it's implementation, it will be tested numerously and possible changes will be required. All employees who interact with the section that has been amended will require re-training. It may seem daunting, but far less effort than having to deal with a serious injury or fatality. The emotional damage caused by an injury whether fatal or not has a severe financial implication on your business. Colleagues who mourn the loss of a colleague require time-off for counseling and grieving. When returning to work, they won't be as efficient as before as they are not only weary of what the risks are and how they are now also at risk. New employees that require training will require time from other employees also affecting their production. This excludes the potential stoppage penalties, legal charges and the damage to your company's brand.

To summarize, a Good Health and Safety Policy
1. Makes employees more productive.
2. Improves staff retention.
3. Increases business opportunities as a Preferred Service Provider with established successful companies.

There you have it, 3 legitimate ways to squeeze more money out of your current business and here’s an extra, just a bonus. There’s much more we can do for you, whether you work in the construction or industrial industry. We can also help you prepare tender documentation and increase your chances of winning that important tender. Complimentary Hazard Identification to establish your shortfall in compliance. We also work with many of the major construction companies in the Western Cape and referring more work to our clients is only a pleasure. We have organized more work for hundreds of our clients, You can benefit too

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We can help you benefit from an improved Health and Safety Culture.

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