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The Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant

by | 05 April 2019

They can help you save serious money through recommendations or implementation of new ideas. The question of who to hire and when should be on the minds of business owners, operations managers, human resources, project managers, and others regarding safety and training matters. This question is not always easily answered, even if your company has the resources and personnel represented by the director or in-house safety officer. In this ever-changing world of downsizing, everyone needs to justify how many hours are spent and at what cost to the company. Everyone is responsible for cutting cost.

In order for most companies to remain competitive and stay in business, they must provide–per Health and Safety Act a safe work environment for all of their employees . . . not just the full-time employees. You may have the best safety and training program, however, human error is impossible to predict and control entirely. Your safety manager (if you have one in-house) usually has more on his/her plate than the original job description depicts. He or she does not have the time, and your budget constraints do not allow him or her the resources, to keep up with the ever-changing environment in which we live and work. Therefore, in most cases, it is very cost effective to hire a safety consultant to take a fresh look at your company policies, training, accident prevention programs, and a multitude of other issues that may be particular to your type of industry and company.

Why source this service we asked Louis Coetzee
(Managing director at Coetzee Safety Consultants)

First, a professional consultant is not bogged down by your company’s internal affairs. Nor will he or she alter reports just to make your company look good. You also have the opportunity to find someone, who has a proven record of actual, hands-on skills and has the ability to save your company a serious amount of money through recommendations or implementation of new ideas. These professional consultants are not only registered and governed by the SACPCMP but attend seminars, meet with industry regulatory agencies and undergo continuous development training to stay current with industry trend and changes in legislation, and in general are ahead of the curve for safety and training in their field of expertise. The cost of the services ranges from reasonable to expensive. Be very aware as some opportunist want to sell you a quick-fix, duplicated files, videos, and other potentially useless expenses that leave you with a bad feeling for consultants.

In order to find the right company for your needs, get their referrals and check them out, the same as you would for other services that your company requires. Remember, you are entrusting the lives and well-being of your employees to an outside safety consultant. Take the time to make a healthy decision.

Here are the core benefits of hiring a Safety Consultant

– Reduce overhead costs
– Health and safety should be considered during the concept and design stages to mitigate unforeseen expenses during the construction phase.
– Better health and safety culture can lead to fewer incidents which equate to more suitable premiums and better rebates from Workman’s Compensation events
– Tailor-made services based on employer/company needs
– Health and Safety intervention service available by someone who has experience dealing with the department of labour can negotiate on your behalf, and can save you some serious expense, should you be fined
– Hazard Identification and recommendations to correct potential problems at your premises.
– Up to date on Employer Health and Safety Legislation
– Create and implement Health and Safety policies specific to your business operations and industry
– Can assist with vetting procedures to ensure that service providers who interact with your business is mandated and complies with your business policies and legislation.
– Affordable prices throughout the Western Cape.
– Fixed-term service proposals available for better savings

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Louis Coetzee
Managing Director: Coetzee Safety Consultants -Coetzee Safety Consultants (Established 2011).
Louis Coetzee serves as the Managing Director and oversees the day-to-day operations whilst serving current clients. Louis previously held the position of Health and Safety Manager at Stefanutti Stocks, overseeing projects like the One and Only Hotel in Cape Town, as well as the Cape Town International Airport to name a few. He is also the current chairman of The Master Builders Association (Boland Branch – Health and Safety Forum) as well as SAFCEC HSE Forum (South African Forum of Engineering Contractors).

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