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Toolbox Talk Suggestion: Grinder Safety

by | 05 April 2019

10 Quick and easy checks

1. Ensure grinder is in a good condition before using it.

2. Don’t disable any safety devices eg. Grinding wheel guard / deadman’s switch.

3. Use correct disk for the job. Don’t grind non-ferrous materials such as lead, aluminium, brass & wood.

4. Ensure that the grinder speed does not exceed the speed indicated on the disk (possible when a big disk that is worn off is used in a small grinder)

5. Check the expiry date on the disk. Don’t use expired or damaged disks.

6. Secure that object you want to cut or grind in a pipe or bench vice to prevent it from slipping, turning. Don’t hold the object in one hand and the grinder in the other.
7. Always use double eye protection when cutting or grinding.
8. Never put grinder down while it’s still in motion.
9. Don’t pick up or lower the grinder by the electrical cord (this may cause damage to the electrical cord which in turn may cause electrical shock).
10. Ensure that the work area is free of flammable materials. Secure the area with welding screens and fire blankets to create a safe working environment for yourself & other people working in the same area.

Indusafe: A subsidiary company of CSC Enterprises

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